Why should one study MBBS from abroad

MBBS from abroad is not for everyone especially not for the one who wants easy things.

  1. You should know that after completion of MBBS from abroad, 12500 students sit for FMGE exam (taken by MCI) and only 3000 students clear to become medical practitioners.
  2. Getting a seat in Foreign Universities is just beginning after which you should complete the small benchmarks like studying every subject in detail, taking course and internship seriously, clearing the local examination as taken in countries like Philippines- NMAT, even some Russian Universities take entry Exam.

However Studying abroad have some obvious benefits:

  1. In India 11 lakh students sit for NEET exam and it has only 25000 govt. seats which means only 2% students get admission. But if you are a competent foreign doctor you have a 25% chance of becoming a doctor here as our of 12500 students 3000 students clear the FMGE.
  2. Get international Exposure and you can explore the specialty and super specialty options there.
  3. Budget compared to private university which charges 70-90 laks is just 1/3rd, you can study MBBS in 20 lakhs only.


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