Yerevan State Medical University

Yerevan State Medical University

Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) is the best university of higher medical education in Armenia which was established in 1920. It grants undergraduate and also graduates tutoring at six departments: General Medicine, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Military Medicine, Public Health and Postgraduate and Continuing Education.

YSMU is devoted to educating medical professionals being appropriate to the essentials of the Republic of Armenia and also many countries worldwide. YSMU renders education corresponding to the universal educational criteria, guaranteeing the highest quality of expert knowledge and competitiveness of recognition in the international field. at the present time, over 5000 students are studying at YSMU various faculties. Multi-profile university clinical hospitals, radiology centre, outpatient clinics appear to be main facilities for YSMU personnel and students to practice and also carry out the academic process, meanwhile promoting public health at large.

Yerevan State Medical University

 Faculties of Yerevan State Medical University:

There are six faculties at YSMU:

  • General Medicine,
  • Stomatology (Dentistry),
  • Pharmacy,
  • Military Medicine,
  • Public Health,
  • Postgraduate and Continuing Education.

Can I get Scholarship?

Chiefly Candidates for the designated scholarships are judged taking into concern the following criteria:

• Complete academic distinction
• Scientific writings
• International language awareness
• Participation in republican, global competitions, olympiads, student scientific assemblies
• Participation in scientific and social projects of university faculties

Several nominal scholarships are open.

How is the Hostel?

University Hostel is settled in “Zeytun” district, from where the university academic and clinical buildings are easily stretched within 10-15 minutes. The convenience draws collectively students from several academic years and also medicinal-related fields.  two buildings comprise the hostel; accommodations include rooms for 2 or in addition 3 people.  essential equipment and also appliances are present in the hostels. The hostel renders complete adjustment facilities and also axioms (computer clusters, convenient dining hall, gym, etc.) and places for various activities such as reading, watching the video, etc.

Yerevan State Medical University

What documents required?

  • Application to the RA Minister of Education and also Science
  • Application Form
  • The medical record detailing the health state of the applicant.
  • Copy of passport or in addition birth certificate (including all pages that have a mark or stamp)
  • High School Diploma and also its copy
  • Markedly Six (6) passport-sized photos (4×6)
  • Autobiography
  • Applicants applying for the postgraduate professional education should submit a scientific report on a chosen speciality topic.

What should things be kept in mind before planning for YSMU?

  • The duration of studies in the clinical residency is notably 1-4 years depending on the speciality.
  • The tuition of the international clinical residents goes as follows: for international citizens graduated from YSMU – 2 400 000 AMD per annum; international citizens graduated from other universities – 2 900 000 AMD per annum.
  • Markedly Information on the daily exchange rate is available at the webpage of the Central Bank of Armenia. Follow the link
  • The annual tuition must be remembered remains unchanged for the whole period of education.
  • Accommodation is provided chiefly at the University Hostel. The fee per month (per bed) is 20 000 AMD. Hostel room houses 2 or in addition 3 persons.
  • Medical Insurance Company should insure students cooperating with the University throughout his/her academic years. The annual cost of insurance package is chiefly 72 000 AMD.
  • There is A contract between the student and the University.
  • with this in mind In exceptional cases, the tuition of international students can as well be defined in accordance with contracts signed with them.

Contact info:

Address of YSMU: RA, Yerevan 0025, Koryun 2
Tel.: +37410 560 594
Fax: +37410 529 605

What is the latest news regarding Yerevan State Medical University?

According to the Armenian weekly: on 18 may 2018

Students Discuss Reforms for Armenia’s Broken Educational Institutions

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